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We subscribe to the HONcode principles of the Health On the Net Foundation

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Frequently Asked Questions..2

Length of time of panic attack

Question 1. You say a panic attack lasts for 30 seconds. It doesn't. Mine goes on and on and on...and on. I can feel terrible for up to a week or more afterward. If it was only 30 seconds I could deal with that.

Question 2. You talk about a 30 second panic attack. Well I don't even want to have one that lasts for 10 seconds. How can I stop having them period.

A. When we talk about a 30 second panic attack we are talking about the spontaneous panic attacks. The ones that 'come out of the blue'..so to speak. When we are frightened of these attacks, yes they can go on and on and on and on as you say. This was how mine were. They would go for over an hour at a time. When they were finished I would drop back into high anxiety. I lived and breathed panic attacks and anxiety every waking moment and I would be woken from sleep by nocturnal attacks. I reached the point where I had trouble leaving my bedroom. Working with meditation and using a Mindfulness cognitive technique I learnt to lose my fear of them. As I lost my fear I learnt to just let them happen and I also worked with my thoughts that were creating so much of my anxiety. Ultimately all I was left with was an occasional 30 second attack and my anxiety over them disappeared completely.

When I say occasional I mean I may have one once every 6 - 12 months. So what is 30 seconds over that time span. It's nothing. I have my life back and if a thirty second attack occasionally is all I have left, so what! I know if I have one, it is a reaction to being stressed and/or not getting enough sleep or skipping meals. For me now, it is just the body's way of saying slow down, get some sleep etc.


Working Through Panic

is a companion volume to Power Over Panic. A unique feature of Working Through Panic includes emails from our original online support group to illustrate the recovery process. Through the eyes of real people, the emails show the way, step by step, to recovery and beyond.

Bronwyn is also one of the main authors' of our website.

proceeds from our bookshop fund our website.

I know that many of the mental health professionals don't realise how long the panic attack can last. It is one of the ongoing debates we have. But the reason why they last so long is because we are so frightened of them. Our fear and the way we think about them and our anxiety symptoms just keep it all going. Lose the fear and we lose the disorder.

The same techniques can be used for specific panic attacks. These are thought induced. Once we can see what we are doing to ourselves by the way that we are thinking, we can then learn to manage the thoughts that create these panic attacks and the associated anxiety.


Question. How can I find more information about the mindfulness technique you talk about?

Answer. This is available on our website. Go to Mindfulness Meditation

Question How can I learn the Mindfulness technique?

Answer. Bronwyn's book, Power over Panic', the videos and her cassette tapes, (which include 20 minutes of meditation music), all teach mindfulness and are available from our Book Store


Question: I need to find a clinic or help for my daughter who is suffering panic attacks

Question 2. How can I find out about cognitive behavioral therapy?

Answer. Go to CBT

Question: How can I find a CBT therapist?

Answer: Can you email us at the address below and let us know the name of the country and state/city/town you live in?

How do I find a support group ?

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