We subscribe to the HONcode principles of the Health On the Net Foundation

We subscribe to the HONcode principles of the Health On the Net Foundation



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What's New! Updated 2nd December 2001

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November 2001 Updates
 Our Bookstore has been updated !
 It is that time of year again ! Christmas. Read our article on what you can do to keep your anxiety levels from rising.
 We welcome the new Panic Anxiety Disorder Association of the Republic of South Africa.
Next Panic Anxiety Online Programs Australia / USA commencing Monday night 3rd December 2001
Next Self Esteem Online Programs Australia / USA commencing Tuesday night 16th January 2002
Read the latest transcript with Bronwyn from her guest chat with Alice Stamm on Alice's very successful website POWER SURGE
October 2001 Updates 
Article : Anxiety : A Normal Response to Trauma

'Working Through Panic' by Bronwyn Fox, the companion book to the best selling 'Power over Panic'. Released October, 2001

Effective and detailed in its treatment, 'Working Through Panic' uses the unique and effective feature of online support group emails to illustrate the recovery process - through the eyes of real people sharing the personal experiences they faced while working through their disorder.

more information

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September 2001 update 
Acute Stress Disorder / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This new page provides information about these two disorders
 New York and Washington Crisis Mental Health Telephone services
 Other USA Information and Treatment Services
 The stages of grief and trauma.."Coping With Our Day Of Infamy" Mental Health Net
 We are pleased to announce we have added two Chat Rooms /Discussion Boards and Guest Book !


"Alice Stamm has created a wonderful website, http://www.power-surge.com for women who are experiencing menopause.

For the transcript of the chat with Alice and Bronwyn go to http://www.power-surge.com/transcripts/bronwynfox.htm

Power Surge has been featured in Forbes Magazine's Best of the Web. Health Magazine selected Power Surge one of "The 25 Best Health Sites for Women." Dr. Susan Love calls Power Surge "one of the first, best and most informative sites for women." Prevention Magazine says "Power Surge is an Internet Lifesaver." Power Surge provides a warm and caring community for women in menopause and includes guest expert chats, transcripts, newsletters, message boards, AOL and web chats, an ask the experts section and other resources in its 8th year on America Online and its 6th on the Internet."

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