We subscribe to the HONcode principles of the Health On the Net Foundation

We subscribe to the HONcode principles of the Health On the Net Foundation

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The Role Thoughts play in
Anxiety and Panic

How many times have we said 'What If?' 'What if I have an attack, What if I can't do it? What if people see me?' What if this is causing most of our problems? It is!

Many of us have no awareness of what we are thinking about. Our thinking is so much a part of us we don't pay attention to the process. Without realising it our thoughts dictate and control our life. When we have an anxiety disorder, the way we think creates so much of the fear we feel, which in turn increases the symptoms; which creates further fear and around and around we go!

It is difficult for people who don't have an anxiety disorder to realise why it is so difficult to break our negative thought patterns. It is not a matter of replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Positive thinking doesn't work for many people in the early stages of recovery. Basically, because we don't believe what we are saying to ourselves. If it was that easy no one would have a problem in the first place! It can seem pointless telling ourselves we'll feel better tomorrow when we have seen so many 'tomorrows' go by and there has been little or no change.

Instead of positive thinking we need to change our whole perception of what is happening to us. We need to see how our thoughts create so much of our fear, which in turn creates many of the symptoms.


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Once we can see this, we can see how the anxiety and/or panic are actually reactions to our thoughts and that our thoughts are not a reaction to the anxiety and/or panic. Once we can see this we can reverse our thinking from 'What if'...to 'So what!. This is the way to Power and Freedom.

We react to our thoughts and feelings never realising our thoughts and feelings are fleeting moments. We don't see each thought as being separate. Instead we see the continual progression of our thoughts, and the feelings caused by them as something solid. Not seeing the progression from one thought to another, not seeing the progression from one feeling to another creates the fear. The overwhelming force of the anxiety and panic can be quite violent and it does feel as if something terrible is happening to us. But using a Mindfulness technique we can learn to see behind its seemingly solid appearance, we will see why it is happening and why there is nothing to fear. Seeing why there is nothing to fear we can begin to take our Power back! Power over our thoughts, power over the disorder and power over our lives!

Power means freedom!

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