We subscribe to the HONcode principles of the Health On the Net Foundation

We subscribe to the HONcode principles of the Health On the Net Foundation

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Have you just had your first spontaneous panic attack?


Have you noticed your anxiety levels increasing?

Then you are in a position to stop any possible development of panic disorder or one of the other anxiety disorders.

Most people who have had panic disorder will say that if they had known from the beginning that what they were experiencing was a panic attack.....if they had been diagnosed in the beginning .... if they had understood from the beginning..if they had known how to manage their panic attacks from the beginning...then they would not have gone onto develop panic disorder.

Panic Disorder is the fear of having a spontaneous panic attack. It is the fear of spontaneous panic attacks that drives the Disorder. This in turn can lead onto the development of agoraphobia (avoidance behaviour), depression, to possible dependence on medication or alcohol. And all of this is preventable. It is also preventable with the other anxiety disorders.

The reason why people develop anxiety disorders and the secondary conditions associated to them is , in the past, most people weren't diagnosed, let alone received appropriate treatment.

In fact when we began working in this area in 1985 we didn't have anyone contact us who had been diagnosed as having panic attacks on first presentation to a doctor.

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In 1992 we commissioned the first of two studies into the treatment needs of people with panic disorder. The results showed that there was a mean of 32 months from first presentation to a doctor to actual diagnosis. From 1992 until the present time, we have seen this time being reduced down from 32 months to a few months, then weeks and now in the present time....days from first panic attack to diagnosis. We realise that this is not the case for everyone and that some people are still not being diagnosed promptly and they are still waiting up to a year or so before they are diagnosed.) 

As we said above, if you have just begun to experience panic attacks, then there is much you can do to prevent or minimise the impact of the disorder on your life. Unfortunately, the health and mental health systems in Australia are still not taking a pro-active / preventative approach to anxiety disorders. This is despite numerous submissions over the years to both State & Federal Governments by ourselves and other anxiety disorder organisations around Australia. Our health and mental health services are still only providing minimal services at best, to people with an anxiety disorders.

In fact the health systems are in themselves contributing to the development and perpetuation of the disorders by the lack of services and resources for people with an anxiety disorder. This means resources and/or assistance in the prevention of the development of anxiety disorders is non existent. Although there are no specific resources available you can still prevent the development of an anxiety disorder. The following points can assist you: Go to page 2


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