We subscribe to the HONcode principles of the Health On the Net Foundation

We subscribe to the HONcode principles of the Health On the Net Foundation

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The main form of treatment most people receive is medication. While we are not anti medication - we needed it and used it during our own Disorder- we do not advocate medication as the one and only long term option. Unfortunately around the world this is sometimes the only major treatment option. Irrespective of the latest research detailing effective Cognitive Behavioural Treatments, including a Mindfulness cognitive technique, for anxiety disorders, many people are not given the opportunity to learn CBT

The most common drugs being prescribed are minor tranquillisers and anti depressants. While there is a time and place for medication, people can become caught in an ongoing cycle of trying different drugs which may have little or no effect or which may actually contribute to the original problem.

We receive so many questions & comments from people concerning the use of medication. There is no doubt it can be very helpful and beneficial but drawing on the experience of our clients we have listed a number of points in regards to taking medication.

Number one is: It is important that you work closely with your doctor when you are prescribed medication:

Working Through Panic

is a companion volume to Power Over Panic. A unique feature of Working Through Panic includes emails from our original online support group to illustrate the recovery process. Through the eyes of real people, the emails show the way, step by step, to recovery and beyond.

Bronwyn is also one of the main authors' of our website.

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Number one is: It is important that you work closely with your doctor when you are prescribed medication:

Ask how long it takes for the medication to work and ask about possible side effects. If you are told the medication you are being prescribed doesn't have side effects then you will need to check this information for yourself.

If you have just commenced taking medication and you feel as if you are experiencing side effect/s but you are told it is not your medication but your disorder creating the new problem, seek a second opinion and/or check this out yourself as in the above point.

We are now seeing increasing numbers of people who are being prescribed medication although they have only just experienced their first panic attack. If you have just experienced your first attack and you have been prescribed medication, ask your therapist to assist you in investigating other options.

The big 'sleeper' in relation to various treatment options is some people only need a basic education program about panic attacks/anxiety and basic cognitive skills for them to prevent any deterioration into a disorder. Almost all of our clients who did not received a diagnosis at the beginning of their panic attacks/anxiety and/or did not receive appropriate treatment have said to us: "If only.... I knew, was told...exactly what was happening to me at the beginning, none of this: agoraphobia, drug/alcohol abuse, depression, would have happened.

Many of us are told our disorder is biological in nature . Even though this may be the case, we can learn to manage the attacks and ensuing fear and anxiety with cognitive behavioural therapy. Although the argument has been used in Australia that people with diabetes need to use medication and similarly we need to use medication for our disorder, the counter argument can also be used that some people can control their diabetes without medication and so can we, providing we receive appropriate treatment which teaches us the essential management skills.

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