We subscribe to the HONcode principles of the Health On the Net Foundation

We subscribe to the HONcode principles of the Health On the Net Foundation

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Award winning 6 Week

Mindfulness Cognitive Panic Anxiety Management Programs

2 hours per week


with Bronwyn Fox

Author of best selling book 'Power over Panic'


This prestigious Program won an Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Award and is designed for people suffering an Anxiety Disorder and their support people.

Next Programs Australia and NZ : July 2003

Next Programs USA - Canada - United Kingdom : July 2003


How successful is the Program ? 

An 18 month evaluation of the our Program and Workshops for the Federal Government's National Mental Health Strategy, conducted by Associate Professor Julian Hafner of the Sth Australian Health Commission, demonstrated the effectiveness of the Workshops. 

See also Evaluation of Panic Anxiety Management Workshop

 Of 310 partipants in the evaluation

  • 85.1 % found them 'VERY helpful'
  • 11.9% found them'Fairly Helpful'
  • 2.7% found them 'Slightly Helpful
  • 0.4% found them 'Unhelpful'

At a three month follow up, participants reported a significant reduction across all symptom groups. The Programs won the ANZ Mental Health Award as a result.

Program full details below

2 hours per week for Six Weeks

Week One Panic attacks and anxiety An understanding

Discusses the nature and most common symptoms of panic attacks, anxiety depersonalisation, derealisation and the major anxiety disorders. These are divided into different categories : fight and flight response, hyperventilation, dissociation and the effects of these symptom groups. When we can understand how and why our symptoms are occurring it enables us to work with them more efficiently so that we can take the POWER back. This session discusses the development of the secondary conditions such as agoraphobia, drug and / or alcohol abuse and depression. 

Week Two : Meditation : Why, where, when & How !

Details the benefits of meditation, including relaxation, the development of Mindfulness skills and as a graded exposure technique for dissociative symptoms. The most common difficulties that people with an anxiety disorder have in being able to relax are also discussed. This session teaches people to meditate using one of three meditation techniques. 

more information about our meditation technique

Week Three : Mindfulness : We are what we think

The practice of Mindfulness teaches us the intimate relationship between our thoughts and our panic and anxiety. Mindfulness also teaches us to see how our low self esteem and our need to be all things to all people also creates panic and anxiety. Using a Mindfulness cognitive technique, we are able to stand back and take charge of our thoughts rather than our thoughts taking charge of us ! 'Recovery with attitude"

more information about our Mindfulness Congitive technique

Week Five : Recovery-The Process

This session looks at the process of recovery and the ongoing development of Mindfulness in relation to set backs, management of day to day stress, graded exposure and self esteem issues.

Week Four : Self Issues

Details the most common problems people with an anxiety disorder have in relation to 'Self'. This includes the need to be all things to all people, the inability to be assertive and low self esteem. If we don't understand these issues they can impact on and create subtle obstacles to full recovery. This session also discusses the various stages of acceptance of ourselves and our anxiety disorder enables us to have the POWER of it, rather than it having power of us.


Week Six : General Discussions / Questions and Answers

Price :

Option One : $Aus130.00 / $US90.00 / $Euro80.00 for the online program only

Option Two : $Aus155.00 / $US105.00 / $Euro 95.00 with a copy of the book 'Working Through Panic' .

How does the program work ?

The program will be conducted in our private chat room. Once you have registered for the Program you will be sent out notes for the first week's session (and if you have chosen option two you will be sent a copy of the book ).

Haven't used a chat room before ? Many people haven't ! Bronwyn will teach you at the beginning of the program. It is very easy and you will be skilled in the use of the chat within 5 minutes !

How big will the groups be ?

Each program will have a maximum of eight people.

Bookings are essential Timetable

To Register for our Panic Anxiety Management Program or if you have any questions about the Programs you are welcome to either



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